Monitored and Resilient EC2 Instances

Simplifying AWS Monitoring and Remediation

Managing multiple EC2 instances can be tedious. This is especially true when you’re hard pressed for time and have a lean bandwidth to function on. This is where Tevico comes in.

Tevico is a monitoring and remediation platform developed specifically for AWS. Tevico makes it easy to manage and maintain your cloud infrastructure. With Tevico, you don’t have to invest in a team of IT engineers to maintain your AWS instances. It can enable a person to single handedly maintain multiple machines - allowing you to do more with less and saving you precious time and money. Features That Make Tevico an Indispensable Asset...


Constant Monitoring and Automatic Metric Reporting

Tevico’s smart Scanner Agent constantly monitors your virtual machine for abnormalities and automatically generates reports based on preset metrics. The Scanner Agent will keep you updated about the status of your machine via notifications.

Add Custom Metrics

AWS metrics are great. But wouldn’t it be great if you could have more control. That’s why Tevico lets you create your own monitoring metrics at virtual machine level, which are then monitored by the Scanner Agent.

Set Automated Remedial Actions

Alarms can notify you about system abnormalities and monitored metrics. But you can do one better. You can have these alarms trigger preset remedial actions.

alarm icon remediate icon
alarm icon remediate icon

Create Custom Scanner Plugins and Actions

Develop your own scanner plug-ins and actions effortlessly to monitor, generate report and take remedial measures for varied metrics with just a few lines of code. These can be written in bash for a Linux virtual machine and Powershell, for a Windows virtual machine.

Community Plugin Library Support

Maintain your personal library of scanner and action plugins, which can be employed easily whenever required. Or, share your plugins with the Tevico community. You can also search the community for plugins shared by others like you to meet your requirements.

Wide rage of OS Support

Monitor and remediate wide range of Operating Systems with the same ease. You can manage leading Linux distributions like Amazon Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS and Red Hat. With the same ease, you can manage Windows