Put Your AWS Cloud
On AutoPilot Mode
Tevico works even when you are asleep 24x7, 365 Days
What is Tevico
Tevico is a self monitoring , self-healing and self-managing system that takes care of your AWS cloud infrastructure 24x7 and 365 days a year.
No Human Intervention
Tevico has a built-in intelligence to continuously monitor and discover any anomalies in the AWS infrastructure 24x7. The capability is built-in to automatically restore it to the normal state without any human intervention. In other words, Tevico helps to keep your AWS infrastructure responsive.
Cuts OpEx Costs
By automating the most common activities like change requests, monitoring, patch management, security and backup services; Tevico also cuts your operational expenses substantially by freeing up human resources.
With Tevico, you can register & monitor your custom CloudWatch metrics for any AWS service (which AWS cannot monitor). Tevico can even monitor at EC2 instance level.
Tevico has a rule-engine where you can set rules against any AWS CloudWatch metric or your custom metric for automatic incident management. This'll enable Tevico to perform real-time remediation keeping your cloud infrastructure responsive, 24x7.
Tevico can handle Repetitive & Scheduled Jobs like OS Security Patch Updates, Database Backups, File Archival & Regular Service Restarts without any manual intervention. You can schedule all these repetitive tasks without affecting any critical activities.
How It Works
Subscribe to Tevico
Sign-up for Tevico subscription.
Onboarding process
We'll understand your current infrastructure, identify all the metrics to track, identify if there is a need for custom metrics and configure Tevico for your needs.
Your AWS Is On Auto-Pilot Mode
Tevico is up & running and watching your AWS cloud infrastructure 24x7, 365 days.
Track all assets from a single dashboard
Analyse the distribution, usages and wastage of AWS resources through an easy to understand dashboard.
Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle
Add/update/delete custom metrics, remedies and workflows based on your changing needs.
On-Demand Services
When you subscribe for Tevico, you have a privilege to engage our DevOps & Site Reliability Engineering team On-demand.
Here are top 3 reasons why our clients love on-demand cloud consulting services.
Plug-And-Play Team

With on-demand consulting, you'll have access to seasoned professionals at an unbeatable price. Our experts bring deep, broad-based knowledge of all AWS services and integrations that you'll ever need. Whether you need an advice about designing or upgrading your infrastructure or additional resources for increased demand or solution to any complex problem, there'll be a subject matter expert whom you can rely on.

It's like owning an expert remote plug-and-play team on a stand-by without shelling out top dollars!

It's Hassle Free

Onboarding an expert consulting team when there's a chaotic situation can be cumbersome, a costly affair and sometimes outright impractical. With on-demand consulting, you'll have a hassle free solution to any sort of problems. And it turns out to be a lot cheaper as we provide you bundled packages that are envied by the competitors.

Not to mention that you'll be tension-free from unnecessary budget overruns and administrative work.

Huge Cost Savings

With our on-demand service, you don't need to have a full-fledged support staff or an expert on a retainer or worry about administrative work for keeping this staff engaged. With on-demand service you can cut the cost on all fronts and gain an expert team, which is unheard of!

Our on-demand service model has helped some of our existing clients save up to a staggering 800% on DevOps/SRE cost.