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Put Your AWS Cloud in Autopilot Mode. Tevico is active, around the clock, 24×7, 365 days.

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Tevico offers premium cloud governance features designed to help businesses save significant time, money, and effort.

Generate a consolidated Security Assessment report which gives an aggregated view of the findings by resource type, status and severity.

Experience a gamified and engaging review of your AWS Cloud infrastructure, with auto discovery of issues and remediation plan.

Leverage comprehensive cost management and optimization dashboard, to manage cloud spend efficiently and avoid cost leakages.

Cut down operational expenses, save time and manual effort with the automation of most common cloud governance activities.

Engage our team of DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering experts, eliminating the need for specifying elaborate requirements.

Struggling with managing
your AWS Cloud infrastructure?

Here’s Tevico’s solution

Trusted by 100+ organizations

More than 100 businesses have trusted Tevico brand to define innovative solutions for their cloud management. We closely collaborate with our customers to provide customized services.

Make a difference with Tevico

Experience our brand new and innovative User Interface that was designed keeping User Experience in mind.

Numbers speak for Themselves

Tevico is a privacy-conscious, low-footprint platform

Tevico only reads and analyzes data that you authorize. Across all features, Tevico only integrates with your business systems to monitor their configurations via standard read-only API access. This gives the platform access to configurations of your systems but never the sensitive data therein.

Recognized as one of the 9 globally available, Well-Architected Solutions partners, by AWS

Trusted by 100+ customers across the globe

Relied upon by businesses because of the secure environment

It's As Simple as That!

On-Demand Services

When you subscribe to Tevico, you have the privilege to engage our DevOps & Site Reliability Engineering team On-demand. We offer service catalogues with predefined generic templates for cloud infrastructure, eliminating the need for specifying elaborate requirements.

Hassle-Free Solution

Dodge the cumbersome and costly process of onboarding an expert consulting team during a crisis. With on-demand consulting, you’ll have a hassle-free solution to any sort of problem.

Huge Cost Savings

Save on having full-fledged support staff and stop worrying about administrative work. With on-demand service you can gain an expert team at a fraction of the cost, which is unheard of!

Plug-And-Play Team

Whether you need advice about designing or upgrading your infrastructure or additional resources for increased demand or solution to any complex problem, there’ll be a subject matter expert whom you can rely on.

The Brains behind

Our robust team constitutes of AWS certified professionals, Solution Architects and Security Specialists, who strive towards innovation to simplify your cloud management.

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