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One click Security Assessment for your AWS account

Are you unaware of your cloud security posture? Do not worry, Tevico is here to help!!

Using Tevico

Generate AWS Security Assessment
score in one-Click

More accurate and diverse findings to
observe from

Explore classified findings based on their severity, status and resources.

Findings by severity

Findings by status

Findings by resources

Improve your AWS cloud security in easy steps


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Generate AWS Security Assessment score

Generate security score for your AWS account in one click. Security score is based on CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark v1.2.0 and AWS Foundational Security Best Practices v1.0.0.


Get actionable remediation recommendations

Take action on the remediation recommendations for each of the observations in your security assessment report.

Complete the cycle

Assess your AWS account security posture based on the security assessment report and act on the remediation recommendations. Validate your security controls and you are now prepared to handle any external threat to your AWS account.




What’s in store for you?

Generate a Security Assessment Report in one-click which shows the high-risk Issues (HRI) to the business which require immediate attention and action

AWS Security Score

Assess your AWS account security levels using the security score.

Score History

Understand the historical pattern of your AWS infrastructure security.

Categorized Findings

Analyze security findings aggregated by resource type, severity and status.

Remediation Recommendations

Get an insight of all the security issues encountered by your AWS cloud

Tevico is a privacy-conscious, low-footprint platform

Tevico only reads and analyzes data that you authorize. Across all features, Tevico only integrates with your business systems to monitor their configurations via standard read-only API access. This gives the platform access to configurations of your systems but never the sensitive data therein.

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Relied upon by businesses because of the secure environment

Trusted by 100+ organizations

More than 100 businesses have trusted Tevico brand to define innovative solutions for their cloud management. We closely collaborate with our customers to provide customized services.

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