Cloud Operations

Tevico provides you visibility into your cloud usage and simplifies operations by scheduling tasks without any manual intervention.

Visibility Into Your Cloud Usage

With Tevico, you get a summary of the frequently used cloud services and their distribution across AWS regions.

With Tevico’s Inventory

Identify And Eliminate Cloud Wastage

Identify and remove the unused resources based on the findings from the cost spending trends and resize compute instances based on recommendations.

Inventory Report

Easy Identification

Tracking Inventory Changes’

Build Secure Infrastructure

Build secure, high-performing, resilient and efficient infrastructure for your applications and workloads with Well-Architected Review(WAR) report.

Evaluate your workloads

Analyze your workload based on the 5 pillars of a Well-Architected Framework.

Record Your Inputs

Define your workload and answer a series of questions to analyze whether best practices have been adopted.

Identify High Risk Issues

Evaluate your workloads and identify high risk issues with a WAR report.

Tevico to the rescue

Tevico offers automated solutions for monitoring, healing and regular updates to your cloud infrastructure. Rich alerting and notification features keep you informed of any failures and retries.


Set up continuously running scanners for monitoring infrastructure health and to report custom metrics.

Scheduled Jobs

Schedule jobs like OS Security Patch Updates, Database Backups, File Archival & Regular Service Restarts without any manual intervention.

Auto-healing Jobs

Set up remediation workflows to automatically restore the infrastructure to the normal state without any human intervention.

Get A Detailed View Of Clusters and Library

With Tevico, you will get an overview of health metrices of all your cloud compute instances. You will also get access to set up a library of scanners and actions for any regular updates or automatic remediation of any issues.

Action Trends

You get an overview of the successful and failed instances of scheduled, manual and auto-healing jobs triggered over the last 4 weeks.

Node List

Receive information at a glance of all the nodes present in the cluster along with their health metrics for CPU usage, Memory utilization, Disk I/O and fullest of disk.

Backup History

Search for one-time or scheduled backups and their completion status along with logs.

Job and Scanner lists

Get a list of jobs and scanners added for the cluster.

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