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Put Your AWS Cloud On Autopilot Mode. Tevico works even when you are asleep 24×7, 365 Days

Struggling with managing
your AWS Cloud infrastructure?

Here’s Tevico’s Solution

With Tevico

you can save Time Money Effort

Automation of most common activities cuts down operational expenses substantially. Cost optimization recommendations and statistics help businesses save on cloud costs.

No Human Intervention


Reduction in Cost

Numbers speak
for Themselves

How it Works

It's As Simple as That!

There's more to it!

When you subscribe to Tevico, you have the privilege to engage our DevOps & Site Reliability Engineering team On-demand. We offer service catalogues with predefined generic templates for cloud infrastructure, eliminating the need for specifying elaborate requirements.

On-Demand Services


We help in managing all the activities related to systems and operations, providing risk-free continuation of services.


Our DevOps team will provide a robust ecosystem for your business application to continuously deliver quality applications and services in real-time.


Our SecOps team can set up the desired security controls, provide security incident response and manage vulnerabilities or threats to your cloud environment.


We help in seamless data migration and data management adhering to best cloud practices.


We help you streamline the ML lifecycle by automating and standardizing ML workflows across your organization.


Our team adopts a network operations strategy that focuses on maximizing agility, velocity and automation.

The Brains behind

Our robust team constitutes of AWS certified professionals, Solution Architects and Security Specialists, who strive towards innovation to simplify your cloud management.



Solution Architects


Project Managers

Multi-Domain Experts

Certified Professionals


Compliance Aware


Highly Collaborative


Extremely Approachable

Hassle-Free Solution

Dodge the cumbersome and costly process of onboarding an expert consulting team during a crisis. With on-demand consulting, you’ll have a hassle-free solution to any sort of problem.

Huge Cost Savings

Save on having full-fledged support staff and stop worrying about administrative work. With on-demand service you can gain an expert team at a fraction of the cost, which is unheard of!

Plug-And-Play Team

Whether you need advice about designing or upgrading your infrastructure or additional resources for increased demand or solution to any complex problem, there’ll be a subject matter expert whom you can rely on.

Trusted by 100+ organizations

More than 100 businesses have trusted Tevico brand to define innovative solutions for their cloud management. We closely collaborate with our customers to provide customized services.

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