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Streamlined AWS Cloud Governance for Time, Cost, and Efficiency.

Tevico’s premium AWS cloud governance features streamline operations, strengthen security, and maximize cost-efficiency for your business.

Actionable insights on the Cost Control and Optimization

Empower your business with actionable insights for cost control and optimization. Maximize efficiency and minimize expenses with our comprehensive strategies.

Get Security Assessment of your AWS account in one click

Get immediate security assessment for your AWS account with just one click. Streamline governance and ensure regulatory compliance effortlessly


Visualise your WAF logs and build deep insights in a jiffy

Easily visualize WAF logs and swiftly develop profound insights. Effortlessly harness valuable data to enhance security measures.

Well-Architect your workload using our AWS recommended tool

Efficiently architect your workload with our AWS-endorsed tool. Streamline operations and optimize performance effortlessly.

Check Your Eligibility for the Top AWS Funding and Credit Programs

Evaluate your qualifications for leading AWS funding and credit initiatives. Access exclusive financial support tailored to your business needs.

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Tevico offers premium cloud governance features designed to help businesses save significant time, money, and effort.

Cloud Financial Management

Leverage comprehensive cost management and optimization dashboard, to manage cloud spend efficiently and avoid cost leakages.

Security assessment & Cloud Compliance Reports

Generate a consolidated Security Assessment report which gives an aggregated view of the findings by resource type, status and severity.

Efficient Cloud Governance

In the orchestration of cloud resources, our efficient cloud governance framework ensures streamlined operations and optimized resource utilization, fostering an environment of reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Well-Architected Framework Review

Experience a gamified and engaging review of your AWS Cloud infrastructure, with auto discovery of issues and remediation plan.

On-Demand Services

Engage our team of DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering experts, eliminating the need for specifying elaborate requirements

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Prerequisites for the special $1/month offer

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Powerful Solutions at Your Fingertips

Unlock the potential of our SaaS platform with features like automated scaling, real-time monitoring, and intelligent resource allocation

Cloud Financial Management

Cost management and optimization, enhancing financial accountability.

Cloud Security Management

Security assessments & proactive monitoring for potential threats

Cloud Inventory Management

A complete, real-time view of your AWS resource inventory.

Cloud Reliability Management

Backup for self-hosted workloads with effective DR management.

Cloud Workflow Automation

Automate your cloud workflows using our rule engine.

Useful tools integrations

Integration with Jira Service Desk, Slack, Miro and many more

Custom Pricing Plans

Select from a range of plans designed to meet your specific needs

Self Service Plans

Managed Service Plans


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Gain key insights and reports for your linked AWS account. Also get access to Tevico’s On-Demand services.


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Get comprehensive insights and reports for your linked AWS Accounts. Also get workflow automation.

Managed Service Plans


Custom Pricing

This plan is recommended for businesses with customer base operating in regular business hours.


Custom Pricing

This plan is useful for businesses with customers operating all 7 days a week, with extended working hours.


Custom Pricing

This plan is advised for the businesses that operate 24×7 and need to maintain the high standard of customer expectations.

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