Cloud Financial Management

Tevico provides a comprehensive cost management and optimization dashboard, to help organizations improve their financial accountability at scale.

Need For Financial Management

Unused or underutilized resources can incur high costs and negatively impact your overall budget. This calls for monitoring of the costs incurred by AWS services with respect to overall budget.

How Tevico Helps Improve Financial Governance for AWS Cloud

We provide you with valuable insight into major spending areas for your cloud environment, to track trends. Any orphaned or stale resources can be identified to help you rectify leakages and undue costs.

Organized Visibility Into Your Cloud Costs

Get visibility of cost spend by resource type across regions, over a period of time.

Recommendations for Cost Savings

Get cost saving recommendations by right sizing of AWS compute resources.

Set Your Cost Budget

Allocate budget for AWS resources and monitor if the spend is within the budget

Multi-account Data

Master AWS financial landscapes by dissecting spending across accounts – a strategic move for complete cloud fiscal dominance

Cost Summary

onquer AWS costs with a decisive summary – distill complex expenses into a straightforward blueprint for financial mastery.

Total Usage Graph

Seize control of AWS usage dynamics with a graph that leaves no room for ambiguity – a powerful tool for asserting dominance over cloud consumption.

Explore the Power of Financial Control in the Cloud

Welcome to our Tevico’s Cloud Financial Management , your gateway to unlocking the full potential of cloud cost optimization, budgeting, and financial control.

Your Trusted AWS Financial Management Partner

Access comprehensive cost data through Tevico with an easy-to-understand UI and a soothing experience.

We help you identify opportunities for significant cost savings.

Streamline your financial operations, so you can focus on your core business.

We offer clear, transparent insights into your AWS cloud spending.

Optimize Your Cloud Spending for Enhanced Business Performance

Identify and remove the unused resources based on the findings from the cost spending trends and resize compute instances based on recommendations.

Organize and Report Cost and Usage based on User-Defined Methods

Manage Billing and Control Costs

Improved Planning with Flexible Forecasting and Budgeting

Optimize Costs with Resource and Pricing Recommendations

Get Financial Clarity With Our Cost Usage Report

Navigate your cloud expenditures with precision through our Cost Usage Report. This insightful tool provides a transparent overview of your AWS spending, empowering you to optimize costs and make informed financial decisions.

Detailed breakdown of your AWS costs

Extensive Report for Informed Planning

Financial control and prevent unexpected costs

Strategic decision-making for your cloud resources

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