Elevate your AWS cloud compliance strategy with Tevico!

Streamline governance and ensure regulatory compliance effortlessly

Why Cloud Compliance Matters

Cloud compliance ensures data security, regulatory adherence, and risk mitigation in your AWS environment. Prioritizing compliance builds trust with customers and enhances overall business resilience.

Achieving AWS Cloud Compliance with Tevico

Tevico provides a compliance automation toolkit tailored for your AWS cloud, offering continuous monitoring, anomaly detection, remediation guides, and precise audit-grade compliance reporting. 

Tevico’s advanced assessment capabilities extend to evaluating AWS account security against a wide range of compliance standards, including GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, RBI, ISO 27001, SOC2, and more. With over 24 compliance frameworks available for assessment, Tevico provides a robust platform to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements and industry standards.


Check your
Security Posture Evolution

Track the historical trend of compliance controls you’ve met or missed over time.

Comprehensive Insights into Compliance Metrics

Tevico seamlessly integrates with your cloud environment, consolidating risk and conducting fully automated checks. It proactively initiates remediation, gathers evidence, and ensures real-time compliance.

Insights Across
AWS Service Assessments

Tevico provides a date-wise heatmap detailing AWS services and the count of compliance controls they have failed. Customize your view by selecting a date range and choosing the top 5, 10, or 15 services.

Detailed Compliance Reports

Downloadable reports streamline compliance management, enabling progress tracking and demonstrating adherence effectively. Reports are in PDF format to ensure tamper-proof integrity.

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Tevico is a privacy-conscious, low-footprint platform

Tevico only reads and analyzes data that you authorize. Across all features, Tevico only integrates with your business systems to monitor their configurations via standard read-only API access. This gives the platform access to configurations of your systems but never the sensitive data therein.

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Unlock the potential of our SaaS platform with features like automated scaling, real-time monitoring, and intelligent resource allocation

Cloud Financial Management

Cost management and optimization, enhancing financial accountability.

Cloud Security Management

Security assessments & proactive monitoring for potential threats

Cloud Inventory Management

A complete, real-time view of your AWS resource inventory.

Cloud Reliability Management

Backup for self-hosted workloads with effective DR management.

Cloud Workflow Automation

Automate your cloud workflows using our rule engine.

Useful tools integrations

Integration with Jira Service Desk, Slack, Miro and many more

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