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Put Your AWS Cloud On Autopilot Mode. Tevico works even when you are asleep 24×7, 365 Days

Get your AWS on Autopilot in simple steps.

Avail a robust cloud management solution in 5 simple steps.



Subscribe to Tevico

Subscribe to Tevico from AWS Marketplace. Sign up to create an account with Tevico.



Onboarding process

Tevico will analyze your current infrastructure, identify all the metrics to track, identify if there is a need for custom metrics and configure Tevico for your needs.



Your AWS is in Autopilot Mode

Tevico is up & running and watching your AWS cloud infrastructure 24×7, 365 days.



Track all assets from a single dashboard

Analyze the distribution, usages and wastage of AWS resources through an easy to understand dashboard.



Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle

Add/update/delete custom metrics, remedies and workflows based on your changing needs.

We are here to guide you!

Check out the below videos to know more about how to use Tevico.
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Tevico: Onboard Tevico

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Tevico: List CloudFormation Stack

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Tevico: Update existing CloudFormation Tevico stack

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Tevico: Create CloudFormation Tevico stack

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Tevico: Update existing CloudFormation Tevico stack

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