Cloud Security

Tevico helps keep your AWS infrastructure responsive. We allow businesses to use cloud applications to their greatest potential while monitoring potential threats.

Leverage reporting for security assurance

Avail reporting mechanism for regulatory compliance and be assured of the effectiveness of monitoring of security threats.

Be Ultra Secure Using Tevico’s Security Feature

We provide you with valuable insight into major spending areas for your cloud environment, to track trends. Any orphaned or stale resources can be identified to help you rectify leakages and undue costs.

Get Ahead of the Curve with our Advanced Security Assessment

Generate a consolidated Security Assessment report which gives an aggregated view of the findings by resource type, status and severity. Assess your AWS account security levels using the security score based on CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark v1.2.0 and AWS Foundational Security Best Practices v1.0.0. Get actionable recommendations for security remediation.

A Detailed Report Which Leaves No Stone Unturned

AWS Security Score

Score History

Categorized Findings

Remediation Recommendations

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Discover Proactive Protection With WAF Logs

With real-time insights, wield the power to defend against cyber threats seamlessly. From threat detection to proactive security, our intuitive dashboard empowers you to navigate the digital realm with confidence.

Integrated Security Intelligence

Intuitive Rule Management

Performance Optimization

Real-Time Threat Visibility

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