Platform Integrations

With Tevico, you have an option of integrating with Jira and Slack for alerting mechanism and effective Incident management.

Integrate Tevico With Existing Tools

When you integrate Tevico with JIRA or Slack in a few steps, an incident ticket will be automatically logged in case of any security threats or vulnerabilities. With an alerting mechanism in place, you can resolve issues, failures or respond to threats instantaneously.

What Benefits You Get

Automated incident management

Faster response times to security threats or vulnerabilities

Optimized threat intelligence

Reduced manual operations for monitoring and standardization of processes

Integrations Available In Tevico

Slack Integration

Save the Slack webhook link in the Slack Integration section and you will be set to receive notifications.

Slack alerting is informative and alerts users or groups regarding any security findings

Information like the severity level of the issue, brief description of the finding and time it was raised, are shared with the user.

Service Desk Integration

Integrate JIRA with Tevico by selecting the project from the service desk

In case of any incidents, a JIRA ticket is created and allocated to the personnel configured to receive a particular type of alert. This is a provision for actionable alerting.

Information like Priority of the issue, brief description and the time it was raised, are shared with the personnel allocated to the issue.

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