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Tevico pricing has Fixed and Variable cost components. Variable charges depend upon the number and type of Amazon EC2 instances added to the cluster on Tevico. Fixed cost component is based on the usage plan.

Tevico offers 3 usage plans for its users. Explore them below

Tevico offers 3 usage plans for its users.
Explore them below


This plan can specifically be used for access to On-Demand services when there is no AWS account linked. Organizations registered for a Basic/Premium plan can have individual employees as collaborators.


per month


Tevico will provide observations and reporting for your linked AWS account. With the Basic Plan, 5 users can collaborate and can be assigned roles with desired access.



per month


Apart from the features provided by the Basic Plan, the Premium plan offers additional features listed below. Under this plan collaborate with unlimited users.



per month

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You can change your plan any time you want.
If you change your plan from Basic to Premium in the middle of the billing month, you will be charged for Premium usage for the entire month along with variable charges for EC2 instances. You will be able to avail Premium services immediately.
If you change from Premium to Basic plan in the middle of the month, you will be charged for Premium usage and can continue to avail Premium plan features for the remainder of the billing month. Basic plan will take effect from the following billing month.

With the Premium plan, Tevico provides cost optimization recommendations and suggestions for right sizing of EC2 instances. You can automate workflows to perform routine tasks, apply security patches or remediation of issues in your cloud infrastructure. You have the option to integrate Tevico with Jira or Slack for effective Incident Management. You can opt to receive notifications via email or incidents via Jira/Slack for Guard Duty findings, Identity Access Management notifications and EC2 notifications. You can set a cost budget for the usage of AWS resources.

Charges for Tevico usage will appear in your AWS bill. For On demand service, you will have multiple payment options like UPI, Net banking, Credit/Debit card payments.

For cost optimization recommendations you will need to avail Premium plan. Basic plan will provide information of current trends and forecasted expenditure for AWS cloud infrastructure.

The variable charges in your bill will be determined by the number of units you use. Details are given in the below table. Additional taxes or fees may apply.




Small EC2 Instance (Less than 16 vCPUs)

$1 / unit

Medium EC2 Instance (16 – 47 vCPUs)

$5 / unit

Large EC2 Instance (48 or more vCPUs)

$10 / unit

Under a Basic Plan, Tevico provides a dashboard for findings from Amazon Guard duty and Amazon Security Hub. When subscribed for a Premium Plan, Email and Incident Notifications and automated corrective workflows can be set up in Tevico.

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