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Driving Compliance with Tevico – A Success Story with Mantle Labs

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Mantle Labs utilizes remote sensing, environmental science, and machine learning to analyze and support forestry and agriculture projects that support climate change mitigation and resilience. Mantle Labs serves leading carbon market clients and has staff which includes leading academics and industry practitioners.
Industries have a critical need to pursue compliance certifications like ISO 27001 and SOC2 due to several compelling reasons. These certifications demonstrate a commitment to robust information security practices and data protection, which are paramount in industries dealing with sensitive financial information and customer data. Achieving ISO 27001 or SOC2 compliance instills trust among stakeholders, including customers, partners, and regulatory bodies, showcasing the organization’s ability to safeguard confidential data and mitigate security risks effectively. Secondly, compliance with standards outlines by RBI, SEBI, ISO 27001, SOC2 etc is often a prerequisite for engaging with larger enterprises, government agencies, or global markets. Many organizations require their partners and service providers to adhere to specific security and compliance standards to ensure the protection of shared data and uphold regulatory requirements. Lastly, pursuing compliance fosters a culture of continuous improvement and risk management within organizations. The rigorous processes involved in achieving and maintaining these certifications promote proactive identification and mitigation of security vulnerabilities, enhancing overall resilience against cyber threats and operational disruptions. Mantle Labs collaborated with Comprinno and Tevico to embark on a compliance journey.

Cloud Compliance Partnership

As a part of their journey towards compliance and industry-regulated best practices, they wanted assistance with achieving SOC2 compliance for their AWS cloud environment. Mantle Labs operates its infrastructure on AWS, leveraging the cloud environment for its business operations. To ensure that their AWS infrastructure met SOC2 compliance standards, Mantle Labs turned to Tevico, a comprehensive cloud governance solution offered by Comprinno. Tevico provides essential tools and assessments to evaluate and maintain cloud security and compliance for numerous customers.

Tevico’s suite of features includes two security assessments, Standard and Advanced Security Assessments tailored to meet specific compliance needs. The standard assessment delivers a Security Posture Score for AWS cloud account along with historical scores, categorized findings based on severity levels, and actionable remediation suggestions. Tevico is integrated with AWS Config which allows organizations to gain valuable insights into their security posture and prioritize remedial actions effectively.

Moreover, Tevico’s advanced assessment capabilities extend to evaluating AWS account security against a wide range of compliance standards, including GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, RBI, ISO 27001, SOC2, and more. With over 24 compliance frameworks available for assessment, Tevico provides a robust platform to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Tevico provided Mantle Labs with detailed compliance status reports that highlight potential vulnerabilities and threats within their AWS environment. These reports included gap analysis and current compliance posture, enabling Mantle Labs to take proactive measures to address security gaps and strengthen their cloud governance practices. The ability to generate downloadable reports simplified the compliance management process, allowing tracking progress and demonstrating adherence to compliance standards effectively. The reports are in pdf format so that they cannot be tampered with.

Through Tevico, Mantle Labs benefitted from enhanced visibility, actionable insights, and streamlined compliance management for their AWS infrastructure.


Mantle Labs successfully ensured that its AWS cloud environment is SOC2 compliant and has established a strong foundation for information security governance, reinforcing trust and confidence in its data protection practices.

Regarding the SOC2 Audit Report, I really would like to thank the Tevico Product Team for coming up with such a detailed SOC2 report covering the specifications laid down under the SOC2 Audit requirements. I am sure this SOC2 report as part of Tevico product offering will be of great use to all of your present and future clients
Pranav Puranik
Product owner at Mantle Labs

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Mantle Labs utilizes remote sensing, environmental science, and machine learning to analyze and support forestry and agriculture projects that support climate change mitigation and resilience.

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